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Windows App Boss is a utility that allows you to:

  • Add, remove, and register test signed apps
  • Add, remove, and register provisioned apps with license and files.
  • Manage (Create, Remove, Swap) snapshots of app state (LocalState & settings.dat)
  • Add, Remove, Update Windows Developer License
  • View settings (settings.dat) of any windows app in plain text
  • View preload ( files
  • Enable / Disable app sideloading (AllowAllTrustedApps)
  • Launch apps that do not appear on start screen

Windows App Boss is a free tool written by Jason Grimme in hopes of assisting other Windows Store App developers. It provides a GUI for installing Windows Store Apps (developer packages and signed apps as provisioned packages). Windows App Boss allows users to avoid using Powershell and DISM APIs to add, remove, and manage apps.
Windows App Boss is not affiliated with, or supported by Microsoft.

Questions? Bugs? Suggestions?
Please let me know! Create an issue on the Work Items page I want to make this tool as useful as possible.


Standalone Executable:


The main screen lists all installed apps and allows the user to manage them.

The advanced installer utility for adding test signed and signed app packages.

View the settings (settings.dat) for any installed app.

Manage snap shot images of app state. Create, remove, and swap at any time to restore to a previous point.

Easily acquire a Windows Developer License without running Powershell commands.

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